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Award winning Hypnos beds

B&R Carpets are your local supplier of Hypnos BedsĀ 

Natural Comfort Collection

Advanced support, naturally generous & comfort you can rely on.

Willow Sublime – The most luxurious mattress in the Natural Comfort Collection, with sumptuously-soft and generous layers of wool, silk and Alpaca.

Maple Superb – This finely tailored mattress contains multiple layers of horsetail, wool and cashmere.

Aspen Supreme – Enjoy blissful relief from pressure with our three-zoned pocket spring system.

Hazel Deluxe- Simple luxury and comfort from the Hypnos ReActive – eight-turn zoned pocket spring system.

Orthos Support Collection

Firm support, crafted from experience

Orthos Cashmere – Beautifully tailored with cashmere, wool and natural fibres, this mattress offers firm support with the patent ReActive ten-turn pocket spring system.

Orthos Silk – Breathable, fresh and supportive, it features our responsive ReActive eight-turn pocket system.

Orthos Wool – Simply supportive with inbuilt comfort and firmness, naturally soft and breathable wool complements the ReActive six-turn pocket spring system.

Regency Collection

Divine design, long lasting comfort, celestial support

Hampton Supreme – Wool, hair, bamboo yarn and luxurious cashmere make for a fresh and comfortable rest, whether the season is warm or cold.

Pillow Top Collection

Exquisite softness, cocooning comfort, traditionally crafted

Pillow top Pearl – Best of British quality and our ten-year guarantee come as standard with this breathable wool-topped sprung mattress.

Pillow top Ruby – Wool, silk and solotex are blended to create breathable pillow cushioning atop the ReActive eight-turn pocket spring system.

Bedstead Collection

Softness and support, made to measure, British hand made quality

Bedstead One – Upholstered with luxurious and breathable layers of British wool and eOlus sustainable fibre, then covered with Cocona infused Belgian Damask, made with the fibres of coconut husks to quickly wick away moisture.

Bedstead Three – Enjoy head-to-toe zonal support from the three zoned ReActive – 8 pocket spring system. Each spring independently senses your shape and weight distribution to provide total spinal and body support.

Trio Guest Bed

An ingenious and versatile bed which takes up the space of a single bed, but conceals a second, pull out single that can pop up and combine to make up a double.

Storage & Headboards

Hypnos have a variety of Divan Base choices, from a combination of drawer options, hideaway storage base, a clever hidden void in the base to the super storage ottoman, which lifts up.

Hypnos also have an ultra-secure hidden safe divan base, which is concealed behind a drawer front.

Clever and subtle solutions to save space and hide away your stored items in the bedroom, for a restful and clutter-free sleeping space.